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To develop entrepreneurship and creativity

To improve the quality of teaching

to improve competences and teachers methodology

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Project Title: The town as a friendly space for developing entrepreneurship and creativity

Nr: 2014-1-PL01-KA201-003664

Duration: 1.09.2014-31.08.2017



Lesson Title

New techniques in applying for a job






O1. To acknowledge which personal information to include in a CV / cover letter, so these documents to be correctly structured and organized.

O2. To analize in a comparative way which information should be included in CV/ cover letter, and so to be able to identify the errors that occured in the writing process.

O3. To describe the steps taken in planning an interview, writing the basic rules that need to be followed to insure the success of the interview.


At the end of the lesson, students will be able :

A1: to define a CV;

A2: to enumerate types of CV;

A3: to name the required elements of a CV;

A4: to analize the basic rules of an adequate interview outfit;

A5: to analize the effect that the non-verbal language has on the interviewee and to identify the positive and negative aspects.

Necessary Time

50 min.

Target Group

XI th B Grade


Class Management/



  • conversation

  • debate

  • games

  • practice

  • presentation

  • Pc instruction


Class management

  • whole class

  • individual

  • group work

Evaluation: the CVs that studets design, which will help them purchase helpful information

in planning their career.


  • CV samples, computers

  • The perfect interview - game

References and websites

Max Eggert, The perfect CV, National Publishing House, Bucharest, 2004



Lesson content

  • Developing interest and enthusiasm in the theme 5 MIN.


  • Analizing the presentation: 10 MIN.

Students are required to answer individually to the question: Which personal information should be

written in a CV? Here they talk about the columns of the Europass CV.


  • Game: 10 MIN.

The teacher divides the class in groups of 5 students. Each group must answer the

following questions:

  1. Which information you should include in a CV?

  2. Which errors you should avoid in writing a CV?

  3. Which personal capacities you must include in a CV?

  • Analizing the game: 5 MIN.

The teacher listens the given answers and mediates the conversation in order to show the importance of the aspects you must take into consideration when writing a CV. He compares the answers with the content of the Europass CV.


  • Planning the inteview: 5 MIN.

1. The documentation process (What do I know about the company, about the job, about the person who runs the interview and about the selection process?)

2. What is my 30 words answer when I am being asked about myself?

3. Why I think I am a better candidate that the others?

4. Which are the achievements that would reccomend me for the job?

5. Which are the possible questions they will ask me?

6. What impression I want to give them?

  • Game: The Perfect Interview 10 MIN.

Students simulate an interview. Further discussions.

  • Feed-back: 5 MIN.

The teacher ask students to give 3 arguments that supports the sentence: The Curriculum Vitae is each individual’s personal business card.

The teacher appreciates the individual and the group work regarding the organization and writing of the documents.


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