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To develop entrepreneurship and creativity

To improve the quality of teaching

to improve competences and teachers methodology

Preparing students to face the life

Enriching our teaching materials and methodology

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1. Portugal: February 2015,

The ups and downs of Media

Advertising chosen products.

2. France: April 2015,

What does it mean to be a creative person?

How to write a good business plan?

4. Bulgaria: November 2015,

Educational systems in Europe

Educational system in our countries.

5. Lithuania: April 2015,

Our towns in the arena of E+.

Our work on e-twinning project.

7. Hungary: September 2016,

How to live in an industrial town?

Meetings with other cultures.

8. Germany: February 2017,

How to be tolerant? Drama.

Living with disabilities.

10. Poland: June 2017:

Presenting our towns: what should be seen there?

Maps of friendly places.

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