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To develop entrepreneurship and creativity

To improve the quality of teaching

to improve competences and teachers methodology

Preparing students to face the life

Enriching our teaching materials and methodology

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BORDEAUX – Lycée des métiers d’art Toulouse-Lautrec



The art high school Toulouse-Lautrec is located right in Bordeaux city center. Our city listed as a UNESCO world heritage city is situated in the South West of France. Our school welcomes 450 students in six different sections: graphic design, photo, interior decoration, fashion design and dental technician. Aged from 15 to 20, our students learn an artistic work or after graduating decide to pursue their studies. They come from the whole Aquitaine region, because our training courses are rare, sometimes unique. Consequently, our students are motivated and work in a good dynamic. Our school has been approved as an art high school and is open on culture and on the business world. Many partnerships have been concluded and successfully completed to get our students  involved in the European and international opening.



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