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To develop entrepreneurship and creativity

To improve the quality of teaching

to improve competences and teachers methodology

Preparing students to face the life

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European Pole Of Knowledge 

The National Network of Educational Institutions for Research and Educational Innovation in Europe (European Pole of Knowledge) - pic 943 897 786 and hosted by the Institute of Comprehensive Lorenzi Fumane, is a public non-profit - A National Network (about 4000 educational organizations) of researchers, universities, adult education, regional administrations, vocational schools, NGOs, cooperatives and schools of all levels nationwide dealing with labor, social inclusion, training and education at European level . Its main fields of activity are to promote the European dimension, integration and cooperation projects through European and non-European, workshops, seminars, conferences, partnerships. The P ol European designs Of Knowledge "umbrella activities" involving the greatest possible number of institutions in the network. Europole - acronym of the Network - is active in all fields of education, from information technology training courses for in-service teachers, projects for kindergartens to the sectors of adult education, in prison and in rural areas. It 'also active against social exclusion, combating racism and xenophobia, facilitating the overcoming of gender stereotypes, between different cultures and religions. It also deals with the training of students and combating early school leaving, intercultural learning and professional students with disabilities.
The experts of the network work with students at risk of social exclusion and cultural including the immigrants, refugees, drop -out and with separated parents in extreme situations, cases of bullying and other special needs. The network is also involved in research of innovative strategies for employment, robotics and human rights. The European Pole of Knowledge and includes working with two other national networks: The School of Robotics of Genoa and the CNIS Teacher specialized for diversamerte disabilities. It also coordinates a European network (funded by the European Commission) TTTNET for the innovative techniques of teaching mathematics, science and Informatics www.tttnet.eu , and is a partner in two other European networks funded by the European Commission: Primedia - for promotion and development of the use of the media in prison - www.pri-media.eu   - and Netq6 for pedagogy informatics for disadvantaged children aged 0 to 6 years - www.netq6.eu 

The network Europole is organized into three departments: Europole - University, Europole - Adult Education and Europole - School, Youth and Sports

Joining the network is completely free and with no obligation, it is just an opportunity for collaboration in the world of educational research and innovation of existing educational models.   www.europole.org

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