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To develop entrepreneurship and creativity

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to improve competences and teachers methodology

Preparing students to face the life

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The Evangelische Jugendhilfe Iserlohn/Hagen


Youth and profession


Our institution is based in Hagen, a city in the western area of Germany. It is located at the border to the Sauerland and the rural area. Moreover, in Hagen live about 187.500 people. The offering of the Evangelische Jugendhilfe / youth social work is directed to personally and socially disadvantaged young people, who have considerable difficulties to have a perspective on one´s life caused by social or educational deficits. The institution offers a broad range concerning help systems. That is why adolescents can be supported while going to school, doing their apprenticeship or even in their prospective jobs. The apprenticeship can be done in the following professions: hairdresser, cook, gardener, housekeeper, professional for hotel & catering, office administrator, jobs in the metal or automobile sector. The most relevant aim to achieve is the emancipated and active participation of our young people in the society. We support the participants in our device to discover their own resources, to create professional perspectives and to gain the knowledge and skills to successfully position themselves in their apprenticeship and job.

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