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To develop entrepreneurship and creativity

To improve the quality of teaching

to improve competences and teachers methodology

Preparing students to face the life

Enriching our teaching materials and methodology

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Taurage Adult Training Centre (ATC) is located in the western part of Lithuania, Town Taurage, Jovarai district, on the left bank of the river Jura. ATC vision is constantly shifting and learning, modern educational and cultural center of local community, which offers high-quality, attractive and a variety of formal and non-formal educational learning forms for adults. Taurage Adult Training center (ATC) provides the general basic and secondary education for adults in an accredited secondary education program. Our students age from 16 to 43 years and older students with varying levels of experience, knowledge, abilities and needs, students who were dropped out of education in a particular moment of life or those who stopped training after leaving other educational institutions due to an unfavorable learning or personal circumstances. Training is organized daily, and by correspondence. Distance education process has been organized since 1st September, 2014. 171 students are currently studying in the center of 6-12 grades. 32 highly skilled, creative and responsible teachers work in the center. Ona Sturoniene is a Head of School. She has got the third management category and senior soc. teacher qualification. We have a section in Adakavas multifunctional center, which is located 30 km. from Taurage. 23 percent of ATC students study there. The average age of students is 27 years. 60 percent of students work, 30 percent of students have young children (up to 7 years.), 31 percent of them live in rural areas, 10 percent of students come from other areas. While organizing adult education we provide a lot of attention to development of key competences, skills upgrading, career planning and development, lifelong learning, involving of social partners in the educational process.

The address of our website: http://www.smc.taurage.lm.lt




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